10 Lazy Birds That Laid Their Eggs In Makeshift ‘Nests’

Birds don’t always get the credit that they deserve. They can be pretty incredible, with some even hosting funerals for their dead or holding grudges against people. Some of the nests they build can be pretty mind-blowing as well. In fact, sociable weavers create massive communal nests that can span generations of birds and house hundreds of couples!

The nests they build are intricately designed with several rooms, some on the inner section of the nest and some on the outer. The inner rooms, closer to the trunk of the tree, provide extra warmth during cold nights, while the outer rooms, the ones further away from the trunk, provide a cooling breeze for hot, summer days. Creating a nest like this is no small feat!

Malleefowl also create intricate nests, using a mound system. They pile decaying leaves and sand on top of the nest which can be up to 2 feet tall. The nests have a specific room for the eggs to be kept and the male malleefowl work to remove or add soil to the room to ensure it’s the proper temperature for incubation.

Unlike those birds, there are other birds who make some of the laziest nests ever. Lazy bird nests started being shared on Twitter and after seeing some of the photos, we’re not sure if some of these can even be classified as “nests.”

Check them out:

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