Florida Man Saves Puppy Dragged Into Pond By Alligator

A trail camera captured the intense moment that a man rescued his dog from near-death. In the video, you can see the man wrestling a crocodile to save his dog from its grip.

The footage from the trail camera was originally uploaded to TikTok by Melissa Chipps and then shared to Reddit by user u/PussyWhistle.

In the video, the man named Richard is seen waist-deep in a pond, grappling with something beneath the surface. His face is completely submerged as he struggles for a moment before pulling up a small, white dog through the surface of the water. But, attached to that dog is a very determined (and seemingly hungry) alligator.

Florida Man Saves Puppy Dragged Into Pond By Alligator

Richard fights to free his dog, Gunner, from the ‘gator’s jaws. As he wrestles with the alligator, he slowly walks forward, moving from the waist-deep water to dry land. Richard is clearly fighting his hardest fight, as he grunts and struggles to pry the alligator’s jaws apart. Poor little Gunner can be heard crying in pain the whole while.

Finally, Richard slams the ‘gator down and it releases the pup from its jaws. The small dog gives a pained yelp as it runs away, free at last.


Florida Man Saves Puppy Dragged Into Pond By Alligator

Thankfully, Melissa provided an update on the duo in the comments of her video, letting everyone know that “the pup lived guys” and “Richard and gunner are doing good.”

Bravo to Richard for fighting so incredibly hard to save his pup! Even smaller alligators like the one pictured can be incredibly dangerous.

Watch the video of the incident below:

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