Concerned Dog Watches Mom Tend To An Injured Bird

Dogs are known to be man’s best friend. But they’re also known to be loyal and kind to other animals as well. Their big hearts truly know no limits and one loving pit bull went on to demonstrate just that.

Elizabeth Houston rescued her sweet boy, Charlie, from a shelter two years ago. Some rescue dogs may have temperament problems or be poorly trained, but Charlie demonstrated his kind and nurturing nature right from the start.

His heart was full of love for his sibling dogs and owners, but also for those he’d only just met.  As they were hanging out at home one day, Houston witnessed a bird fly straight into the living room window. It fell to the ground, stunned.

She shared with The Dodo that Charlie quickly rushed to the bird’s assistance, gently scooping it up in his mouth and carrying it over to her lap. After gently laying the bird in her lap, he sat back and watched, waiting to see if the bird was ok.

The concern on his face was more than evident!

Charlie knew the bird needed help and did the best thing he could think to do – take the injured animal to his mom. He stayed with Houston and the bird as it slowly recovered from the stun of the incident.

Thankfully, the bird was able to fly away after taking a few moments to recover.

Charlie is what we’d call the goodest of boys! What a sweet dog.

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