The Dean Schneider Foundation was founded by Dean Schneider when he decided to dedicate his entire life to the animal world. It is a registered Non-Profit Organisation (charity foundation) and the fulfillment of its purpose is subject to governmental regulatory review.


The Dean Schneider Foundation initiates, supports and operates worldwide projects for the protection of animals, in particular wild animals. This includes, for example, projects aimed at the protection, care and/or reintroduction of animals into the wild. It also pursues projects that highlight the importance of nature and animals while emphasizing the responsibility of treating both respectfully.

The Foundation is responsible for the development and implementation of training programs and events, which aim to raise awareness for nature and wildlife and stress the significance of animals for healthy ecosystems. In particular, the programs strive to demonstrate that the respectful “coexistence” of humans, nature and animals is perfectly possible.

Additionally, the foundation also aims to create and run facilities, in which wild animals, who have been the subject of inappropriate or illegal husbandry, can be offered a temporary or permanent home as well as the perspective of a later re-introduction into the wild (if suitable).

Finally, the Dean Schneider Foundation also supports institutions/efforts, which have the same or similar objectives.

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