Fishermen Rush To Save An Exhausted Howler Monkey From Drowning

A heartwarming moment was captured on video when a group of fishermen saved an exhausted howler monkey from drowning. The fishermen were riding in their boat on a river in the Tres Vendas, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil when they noticed a monkey struggling to stay afloat.

As they approached it, they noted the monkey was only halfway across the river and already appeared to be exhausted. The monkey was making some progress moving forward through the water, but it was slow and painful looking.

In an attempt to help, they pulled their boat up along the monkey and positioned themselves slightly in front of the tired primate.

Fishermen Rush To Save Exhausted Monkey From Drowning

One of the fishermen reached an oar out to the howler monkey and the grateful monkey accepted it. They pulled the monkey along through the water with the help of the oar until they finally reached the other side of the river.

Once they were close to the bank, the monkey lost grip of the oar and fell back into the water. But the fishermen didn’t give up on seeing the monkey successfully across. They used the oar to help guide the monkey to a nearby branch that hung over the water and watched as the monkey grabbed hold of the branch and carefully pulled himself up.

Fishermen Rush To Save Exhausted Monkey From Drowning

As soon as the monkey was out of the water, he quickly darted in the trees and away from the river.

The man behind the camera shared with the DailyMail:

“I and a group of friends went camping and fishing.

We were almost leaving and in one last boat ride along the river, we saw the monkey swimming in the river, showing signs of fatigue.

We drove the boat to the point where the animal swam and extended the oar to the animal, which soon clung to not drown.

The monkey species is a ‘bugio’ and it’s an endangered species.”

Check out the incredible rescue video:

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