Man Rescues Baby Dolphin After It Got Stranded On The Beach

Beachcombing can produce all sorts of treasures and surprising finds. And sometimes, just walking along the beach, you’ll run into something totally unexpected. That’s what happened to Alex Marcoulides when he encountered a beached dolphin calf while taking a walk on Malibu Beach.

Marcoulides wasted no time. He rushed to the dolphin and immediately started pushing it into the water. He continued to gently roll the dolphin deeper into the waves, but the waves continued to push the dolphin back towards the beach.

Determined to see the little mammal to safety, Marcoulides fought against the waves and stayed by the dolphin’s side until it was able to swim out to sea.

What’s even more incredible, is the whole event was captured on camera! The video ends with Marcoulides walking away from the waves with a huge grin on his face – the rescue had been a success!

Man Rescues Baby Dolphin After It Got Stranded On The Beach

Non-profit One Tree Planted shared the video to their Facebok, saying:

“This video comes from one of our very own One Tree Planted team members, Alex! While taking a stroll in Malibu Beach, Alex noticed a baby dolphin in distress. With a little encouragement and some assistance he helped the lil dolphin return to the ocean!

Way to go Alex! We’re happy to have great humans like you on the team.
ike you on the team.”

People commenting on the video were clearly impressed with Alex! Several people thanked him and left messages of admiration.

Watch the amazing rescue in the video below.


Please note, while this rescue was done with good intentions, it’s important to always call the appropriate wildlife personnel to assess a situation before approaching stranded or beached animals. Rescue organizations can assess whether or not an animal, especially a juvenile, needs rehabilitation before being released to increase their survival odds. If you come across a stranded animal, please contact your local authorities so they can reach out to the appropriate rescue or rehabilitation organization and provide the best outcome for the animal in question!

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