People Can’t Figure Out Which Zebra Is Looking At The Camera

Humans seem to love optical illusions. It’s fascinating how we can trick our brains into seeing something different than what’s actually pictured. Some optical illusions combine two separate images and your brain initially sees just one. Other optical illusions make it appear as if something is moving when it’s not.

One photographer from Nagpur City, India, Sarosh Lodhi, accidentally created an optical illusion when he photographed two zebras in Kenya. A friend of his shared the photo on Twitter and people went crazy trying to figure it out!

Parveen Kaswan was the one who shared the photo, writing, “let’s see who can tell which Zebra is in front. Clicked & asked by friend @saroshlodhi.”

It initially looks like one zebra head, with two different bodies. But as your brain starts to process the photo, you might go back and forth between which zebra is actually in front!

You may think you finally figured out which Zerba it really is, only to second guess yourself moments later.

The comments were a mix of “right” and “left.”

Which zebra do you think is in front?

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