Man Strategically Feeds Pigeons To ‘Draw’ Out Figures

Artists are typically a creative type. While many artists explore their creativity through traditional outlets, like painting, drawing, or sculpting, others choose more unique outlets, like fruit carvings and, apparently, drawing with birds.

One man used the help of pigeons (and one turkey), and some strategically placed feed, to create a giant stick figure “drawing.”

Pigeons are usually thought of hanging out in parks and on rooftops, and maybe even carrying letters across the country. But few people associate them with creating art.

A video captured the process of the man creating the pigeon art, and the process is pretty mesmerizing to watch.

Man Strategically Feeds Pigeons To ‘Draw’ Out Figures

The footage was turned into a gif and uploaded to Reddit. He starts the process by walking through a flock of the birds. They start to swarm him as he leaves a trail of food. He strategically walks around, leaving a thick trail of feed that the pigeons swarm to.

They remain in the intentionally placed lines, pecking at the feed, and slowly a picture starts to form. Once all the pigeons are in place, a full image is created: a stick figure holding a ball.

Check it out below:

However, he wasn’t the first person to use “bird art.” In fact, in the 1960s, Coca Cola created an advertisement with a similar concept. They spread out a bunch of birdseed that spelled, “Coca Cola” in St. Mark’s Square. The birdseed was quickly covered in birds, creating a bird drawing of the company’s logo.


Perhaps he was inspired by the brand’s advertisement, or perhaps he came up with the concept on his own! Either way, it’s got to be challenging to plan out the birdseed lines to create such an image.

What do you think of this type of “art”?

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