Rescue Elephants Stop To Listen To A Pianist Play Beethoven

Music is a universal language. It’s appreciated by people all around the world, and even by animals.

One musician, Paul Barton, knows just how true this is. He plays classical music for a wide range of audiences, including monkeys and rescue elephants.

In the video below, you can watch Barton playing Beethoven and other classical piano music for the rescued elephants at ElephantsWorld, and their reactions to his music are priceless.


None of the elephants have to stick around and listen to his music, but many choose to. One 61-year-old elephant who especially enjoys his music is a former logging elephant named Mongkol. He spent the majority of his life hauling logs and doing harsh labor that caused his body to become deformed. He even lost his right eye and tusk due to the harsh working conditions he was forced into. Since finding a home at ElephantsWorld, Mongkol regularly enjoys Barton’s slower Beethoven music that seems to resonate with his gentle soul.

Another rescue elephant he regularly plays for is a large bull elephant named Chaichana. This elephant was considered a more “dangerous” elephant by the staff at ElephantsWorld, due to his uncertainty in his new environment. However, Barton’s music seems to calm him right down and really brings out his gentler side.

The musician has been playing for rescue elephants for years now and has touched the lives of many with his alluring tunes.

Watch his beautiful performance below and see how the elephants react:

You can follow Paul Barton on his YouTube channel where he regularly posts videos of his performances, including his performances to animals.

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