Photographer Takes Fascinating Portraits Of Rare And Unique Birds

There’s a reason birds are often a target of photographers. Their vast diversity and stunning plumage make them quite appealing. And for one photographer, birds allow him to showcase the unique personalities of animals on a more intimate level.

Londoner Tim Flach photographs portraits of birds, similar to how one might photograph a human portrait. He hopes that through his work he can “encourage thoughts about how we see each other” as sentient beings. He wants to bridge the gap between non-humans and humans

Flach doesn’t just photograph the birds he finds in his backyard. Instead, he seeks out rare, unique, or endangered birds. When he does photograph more “common” birds, he always finds an interesting angle or unique story to make that bird seem extraordinary.

When photographing different birds, Flach will hone in on the finer details of his subjects. As he shared, “In a compositional sense, I will want to lead people to the most empathetic details.”

His work isn’t just to share with social media, either. He’s also released five animal-related books of photography that can be found on his website. Though birds are a main focus of his work, Flach photographs other animals as well, such as pandas, tigers, penguins, and horses. He also uses his work to raise awareness of certain endangered species, like the Saiga.

Flach enjoys photographing animals of all species because they allow him to capture a “human” side of animals. And a big part of his work’s mission is to help others question the true differences between non-humans and humans. As he wrote on his website, “We humans think we are unique, but perhaps we are just human animals.” It’s easy to see what he’s talking about when looking into the eyes of animals. They seem to have as much soul as the rest of us!

Check out 10 of his stunning bird portraits below:


To see more of Flach’s amazing work, you can head to his website or Instagram.

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