Woman Almost Gets Bitten By A Deadly Snake Hiding Behind Her Toaster

Australia is known for its wildlife. It’s got a reputation for housing all sorts of animals, from translucent marsupials to fuzzy koalas and giant spiders. And while most of the time, the creepier creatures don’t bother humans too much, one woman in Brisbane was in for quite the shock when she discovered one of the world’s deadliest snakes hiding in her kitchen.

Imagine the surprise she had when she was making her morning toast and noticed a black snakehead peeking out from behind the toaster. According to DailyMail, the deadly red-bellied black snake slithered into the woman’s kitchen while she was out for a morning run.

Thankfully, the woman saw the snake before anything happened – it was just centimeters away from her hand.

Rather than panicking or trying to remove the snake herself, the woman immediately contacted Brisbane North Snake Catchers and Relocation.


As the owner of the relocation service, Steven Brown, shared with news.com.au, the woman remained surprisingly calm when she called for help and already knew to keep some distance between herself and the snake and not try to aggravate it.

Fortunately, Brown was able to remove the snake from behind the toasters without any problems. The Australian Museum shared a bit of information on the poisonous snake, explaining that red-bellied black snakes are generally shy creatures, but they will bite if they feel threatened. Their bite, which can be fatal, can result in extreme blood clotting, swelling, and muscle deterioration.

Brown gave a warning to other Australians that this is a particularly “good” year for the red-bellied black snakes, so they may be more present within communities.

He shared with DailyMail that early rains have increased the number of green frogs that are out and about. Green frogs just so happen to be that snake’s favorite, so they’re thriving with the extra food source. Beyond that, the snakes may attempt to go into houses in search of a cooler place to relax, an escape from the heat.

Be sure to keep your doors and windows closed to avoid welcoming these snakes, or other unwanted guests, into your homes!

What would you do if you found a deadly snake at your breakfast?

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