Interview Requests:

Please keep in mind that we are receiving a lot of requests for personal interviews with Dean Schneider. Due to that it may take some time until you receive a response. To be able to check your interview request in detail, we kindly ask you to provide us with the following information:

  • Medium with reach (number of followers, readers, viewers, etc.)
  • Desired interview date/period
  • Duration and scope of interview
  • Main message/statement of the article

Please consider that a fee for a personal interview with Dean Schneider is required.


Dean is sitting in the grass locking at his lion Snow which is running towards the camera.

Use of Content: The content of Dean Schneider’s verified profiles may be used if it is reused in the same context (sense) and unchanged. At no time should the image of Dean Schneider or Hakuna Mipaka be damaged. When using the content, the source must be mentioned in any case. If the published content of Dean Schneider is used as advertising, modified, presented in a negative way or only a part of the original file is used, a use is not allowed. A use in this case is only allowed if a permission by Dean Schneider has been granted.

Social Media

Follow my journey on social media. it is one of my major tools to bring animals into peoples hearts.

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