Besides a lot of different events & happenings on the Hakuna Mipaka Oasis as well as around the globe, there is a few major projects in Dean Schneider's schedule!


Dean Schneider regularly visits schools in different countries and inspires and educates the younger generation about the beauty of the animal kingdom. He says: ‘’Kids make up 30% of our current world population, but they are 100% of our future!’’


Meet & Greets as well as speaking tours in different countries around the world are also part of Dean Schneider’s schedule. Dean enjoys to closely connect with his supporters and fans and believes that personal interaction is the foundation, from which to build a much stronger and more powerful movement for our animal world.


A mind-blowing wildlife series about Dean Schneider and his adventures around the world is currently being negotiated. More information will follow soon.


Since the Hakuna Mipaka pride is a balanced pride of 6 Lions, which learned successfully how to live wild open and work on carcasses by themselves & established a natural social structure within the Pride, Dean Schneider decided to contribute most of the Hakuna Mipaka property to them! The goal is to renew the parameter fence around the property and build a second NEW fence next to it, so that it aligns with the Lion-Specs demanded by Nature Conservation, for lions to be able to live free and wild (and hopefully also hunt by themselves) on the Hakuna Mipaka Oasis. This is combined with a lot of paperwork, administrative processes and huge investments. We have to renew and put up fencing according to lion specs for over 60 hectares.

Your Donation will be used to cover all costs related to the Live Wild Project. This includes: Fencing material, labour workers, rental of machines, administrative fees, permits & much more!

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