Squirrel Accidentally Gets Drunk After Eating Fermented Pears

One Minnesota squirrel got the snack of his life when a well-meaning resident left out alcoholic fruit. The squirrel ate so much of the fermented fruit that he ended up drunk!

Katy Morlok, from Inver Grove Heights, found an old bag of pears in her fridge, so she threw two of them outside for her pet pig, Hamlet. As she shared with DailyMail, Hamlet only ate one of the pears, but a neighborhood squirrel seemed to be enjoying the other. Seeing how much the squirrel seemed to be enjoying the fruit, Morlok decided to leave him the rest of the bag.

Of course, Morlok had no idea the pears had actually fermented! As she shared on her YouTube channel, “The old pears I left out for the squirrels had apparently fermented. Whoops!”


Squirrel Accidentally Gets Drunk After Eating Fermented Pears

The squirrel, nicknamed Lil Red, feasted on the fruit, even taking some up a nearby tree to eat in peace. A bit later, Morlok noticed Lil Red had returned, but he wasn’t acting like his usual self. He was swaying from side-to-side, though he continued to munch on the sweet treat. According to Fox 9, this is when Morlok realized what had happened.

Lil Red was drunk on the fermented pear! Morlok certainly didn’t intend to get the little squirrel drunk, and she quickly gathered the remaining pears to throw them out properly. But before she did that, she had just enough time to capture cute Lil Red on video, enjoying his drunken snack.

Squirrel Accidentally Gets Drunk After Eating Fermented Pears

She posted the video on YouTube, titling it, “Drunk squirrel, because…2020.”

The footage is quite hilarious and, naturally, spread around the Internet like wildfire. There were some who were concerned about the wellbeing of the drunk squirrel, and Morlok was quick to reassure everyone that he was back to his normal self the next day. She said, “He came to the feeder the next morning and was fine!”

Watch the adorably hilarious moment below:

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