Lonely Sea Otters Find Love Online After Losing Their Partners

After losing their long-term partners, otters Pumpkin and Harris have found another chance at love.

Unfortunately, both otters experienced devasting losses after their partners passed away – leaving them both lonely and without love. But thanks to the online dating world, these Asian short-clawed otters were able to connect and instantly hit things off. Their meeting went so well, that they’ve since moved in together.

The Cornish Seal Sanctuary in England shared in a Facebook post that Apricot, Harris’ former partner, had “sadly passed away” in September 2020. She left the earth “after reaching an impressive 16 years of age, leaving Harris alone for the first time in four years.” These otters usually live around 12 years of age, though some have been documented to live up to 20!


The sanctuary further shared that Harris seemed “to have resigned himself back to the bachelor lifestyle.” As such, there was “no female telling him how to make his bed — what a mess!”

They noted that otters naturally live together in pairs and Harris was truly a great partner. They wanted to give him a second chance at love. So they did just that.

According to their post, “The team created Harris a dating profile, highlighting all he has to offer.” They sent it off to other sanctuaries in hopes of finding him the “new perfect match.” Pretty quickly, they received a reply!

Staff at the SEA LIFE Scarborough in England responded to the dating profile, sending photos of their resident otter, Pumpkin. As they shared, she’d recently lost her elderly partner, Eric. Since losing him, she’d become “increasingly lonely.”

On paper, the two otters seemed like the perfect match. The only problem? Pumpkin lived over 400 miles away. Deciding it was in both of their best interests to pursue a potential romance, the organizations arranged for Harris to travel to SEA LIFE Scarborough and meet Pumpkin.

Their first date was a massive success!

As SEA LIFE Scarborough shared, they didn’t want to rush the otters’ relationship. So, they allowed the two to get “to know each other in private. However as their love has continued to grow, they have now received the keys to their forever home” and can live together full-time!

Of course, he’s dearly missed at the Cornish Seal Sanctuary, but the staff are “delighted” he’s found love again. They said, “Pumpkin has made Harris feel right at home with a welcome kiss, and is already making his bed for him (as only she knows how best to make it, of course!) Harris has kept in touch with the team letting us know his new romance is blossoming! They have settled in very well together, and are now enjoying a lovely honeymoon period in their new enclosure.”

The two love birds (or love otters?) will remain at SEA LIFE Scarborough, together.

As the SEA LIFE aquarium shared, “These two have certainly proved that you can most definitely find love in lockdown.” And it’s so true!

Seems they’ve gotten their Happily Ever Otter after all!

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