People Can’t Get Over What The Inside Of A Kangaroo Pouch Looks Like

If you grew up in the US, you probably remember seeing cute little kangaroo mamas with adorable joeys popping out of their pouches on cartoons or in books.

A lot of us were under the impression that a kangaroo pouch was a cozy pocket on the tummy of a kangaroo. The little joey could ride around in it, peeking his head out as he pleased. However, this isn’t quite the reality.

TikTok user Alexandra Kalin posted a video of what a kangaroo pouch actually looks like and people were not ready for it. The video was quickly shared to other social media platforms. Twitter, especially, had a hard time grasping the reality of a kangaroo pouch.


What do you think? Were you as surprised as the rest of us?

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