Owner Rescues 9-Week-Old Puppy Getting Attacked By A Carpet Python

A nine-week-old puppy is recovering well after being attacked by a large python.

The small puppy named Jasper was playing in his family’s backyard when the snake lunged from the bushes and quickly coiled around the canine.

Hearing Jasper yipping in pain, the owner, Michelle van Schouwen, and her daughter, Mikalya, ran outside to see what was wrong. When Michelle saw the snake wrapped around her puppy, she sprung into action.

The whole incident was captured on the home’s secutriy footage and shared to YouTube by Mikalya.

Owner Rescues 9-Week-Old Puppy That Got Attacked By A Carpet Python

In the video, filmed on the Sunshine Coast Region in Queensland, Australia, Jasper can be seen sniffing around the yard. The tiny mutt seems to be enjoying his time out, but then he wanders close to a large bush where the carpet python springs out and wraps itself around him.

Around 20 seconds later, Michelle and Mikayla come running to the pup’s rescue. Michelle begins using the only thing on hand to hit the snake: a Christmas wrapping paper roll.

Owner Rescues 9-Week-Old Puppy That Got Attacked By A Carpet Python

When that proves ineffective, she picks the whole snake up, who was still wrapped tightly around her puppy, and begins spinning it around until it finally releases the dog. She throws the snake to the ground, where it lays stunned, while she tends to her dog.

Watch the disturbing footage below:

Jasper was fortunate to have only a small bite mark on his ear and a small bite mark on his neck. He didn’t sustain any long-term injuries and the bite wounds are already healing beautifully.

The van Schouwens are confident that when Jasper grows up, he won’t be threatened by snakes anymore, not even pythons. Being a mix between a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Rhodesian Ridgeback, German Shepherd, and Labrador, he’s expected to get quite a bit larger. Even so, the family is determined to be more mindful of letting him into the backyard unsupervised.

They’re also urging others to be careful and check for snakes before letting small animals outside to play or go potty.


The snake in the video was released back into the bushland several kilometers from their home. As they shared in an update video, their “property borders a National Park we have an abundance of native Australian wildlife around us and usually we all live in harmony.” They shared that this was the first time in 10 years of having dogs in their yard that they’ve had an issue with a python.

The Queensland Government reports that carpet pythons easily hide in bushes and foliage, thanks to their olive-brown skin. They can grow up to four meters in length. They’re not venomous and typically eat small animals, including rats, birds, and possums.

Hopefully this serves as a reminder for pet owners to be weary of the bushes around their pets and always check for snakes!

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