Musician Plays The Piano To Soothe Wild Monkeys In An Abandoned Theater

Music is a universal language. It’s something that touches humans around the world, regardless of language differences. And it even has a way of touching animals on an emotional level. As we’ve seen time and time again, animals respond to music just like humans do.

One musician, Paul Barton, understands this universal language better than most and uses it to speak to non-human souls.

Barton lives in Thailand where he regularly travels and plays for various wildlife sanctuaries. He’s well-known for playing music for rescue elephants, but elephants aren’t his only audience.

In fact, Barton also plays his music in a theatre in Lopburi for an audience of wild macaques. The theatre, neighboring what’s known as the “Monkey Temple, is falling apart and long-since shutdown. However, it’s position next to the Monkey Temple makes it a frequent hangout spot for the wild macaques.

The theatre was once a successful movie theatre. Though it attracted quite a crowd, the location wasn’t great – there were too many monkeys from the “Monkey Temple” causing trouble for the business.

The monkeys ended up being such pests for the business that the owner of the establishment made the hard decision to close down. She tried to save her movie theatre, but the macaques were intent on taking over.


Ever since, the primates have ruled the abandoned theater. But now, they can enjoy performances once again. Barton goes to the theater and performs private concerts for the animals, who seem to enjoy his work. Like the rescue elephants, the monkeys have come to recognize Barton and appreciate the beautiful music he brings.

Watch for yourself as the wild monkeys enjoy the performance:

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